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Exercising brain cells…

By Greg Clarke

Throughout history, many people have associated serious thought with serious drinking. From the Roman poet Horace to the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche to Benjamin Franklin, many of the greatest thinkers in history were liquor connoisseurs. Perhaps Francois Rabelais, the French writer put it best when he said, "When I drink, I think; and when I… Continue reading Exercising brain cells…

Looking back

By Greg Clarke

Times have changed in Canada, and no one knows it better than the First Nations.On Mon., Oct. 15, Dr. Alice Kehoe addressed a packed room to provide her personal memories on the Plains First Nations in Canada in the 1960’s. Kehoe, an internationally-renowned anthropologist did her first fieldwork among First Nations in Saskatchewan in the… Continue reading Looking back

Rockin’ the night away

By Jane Alkhouri

Like a Picasso version of the energizer bunny, purple-clad fraternity members jumped on a scooter and kept on going. The University of Calgary Phi Gamma Delta fraternity’s annual 24 hour Race Around the Rock took place on Thu., Sept. 21, raising just over $1,000 for Crohn’s disease and colitis research. The U of C Phi… Continue reading Rockin’ the night away

Wellness Week kicks off

By Dean Hetherington

Protect yourself! That is what the Health Outreach Team and the Students’ Union wants students to remember during Wellness Week. On Valentine’s Day, booths, demonstrations and interactive games were set up to inform students about the importance of personal health. "I think that this is important," said SU Vice-president Events Jared Lorenz. "It’s your body… Continue reading Wellness Week kicks off

A taste of Blues Fest 2010

By Ken Clarke

Thousands of blues lovers of all ages congregated to Shaw Millennium Park last weekend for the sixth annual Calgary International Blues Festival. Once again the four day celebration featured a impressive line-up of blues musicians from around the world, who provided the masses with a dizzying array of various blues styles.Mississippi Heat After joking about… Continue reading A taste of Blues Fest 2010

Spun: The New Cars

By Ken Clarke

Like many “revived” bands, The Cars may not have needed it, but this time there’s a twist that makes it worthwhile. Musical prodigy Todd Rundgren is at the wheel of the New Cars, replacing former front man Ric Ocasek. No self-respecting Todd fan would have seen that coming. The band consists of only two original… Continue reading Spun: The New Cars

On for the next four: a legitimized legacy

By Greg Ellis

“And remember, where you have a concentration of power in a few hands, all too frequently men with the mentality of gangsters get control. History has proven that. All power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”– Lord Acton The period of convalescence from the realization that the Bush administration will be in power for another four… Continue reading On for the next four: a legitimized legacy

CHAPS in Cowtown

By Gregory Clarke

Though breakthroughs in health sciences are commonplace at the University of Calgary, it now boasts an innovation of a different kind. The Centre for Health and Policy Studies recently opened at the U of C Health Sciences Centre at Foothills Hospital. CHAPS was concieved as a health-care issues think-tank focused on all aspects of the… Continue reading CHAPS in Cowtown