Re: " There was peace in the streets ," Nov.22, 2001,

Editor, the Gauntlet,

I was intrigued by Raquel Mann’s article. While there was nothing particularly groundbreaking about a peaceful anti-war protest, the photograph touched my sensibilities in a manner I can hardly describe.

The sign held up by protesters (or non-protesters since they were peaceful) read "Honk for Peace." Nothing seemed wrong with that at first, until I noticed the peace symbols painted by the protesters were not the peace symbols at all. Instead, the symbols on the banner were crude representations of the Mercedes Benz logo. Such an oversight, if it is indeed an oversight, does not lend any credibility to the protest. Instead of love, peace and other anti-war mantra, protesters might as well put "Long live Daimler-Chrysler" on their banners.

For the future, I suggest only two things. Either better research by the protesters is in order, or they should admit they actually long for the safety and luxury of a German automobile. Maybe the superior handling and great fuel efficiency will finally lead to permanent "peace in the streets."

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