Women’s Volleyball

By Kris Kotarski

It was a Twilight Zone kind of night when the Dinos women’s volleyball squad dropped their first match of the season. Calgary got off to a blazing 11-0 start before inevitability kicked in. The University of British Columbia Thunderbirds won a 3-1 match on Sat., Jan. 5 handing the startled Dinos their first
defeat since the meaningless preseason.

"I guess we got it out of the way," said power-hitter Krista Kinsman who earned Canada West Player of the Week honours for her 22 kills and 22 digs during the weekend split. "We didn’t lose because they outplayed us, we lost because we didn’t play well at all."

"It was a good kick in the butt," added Dinos captain Amanda Moppett. "We just have to make sure we beat Saskatchewan so we don’t lose our placement and lose home court."

The Dinos need to win four of their last eight games to retain first place in the Mountain Division. With the brunt of their tough schedule behind them the team is not at all worried.

"We’d have to lose five out of eight to come in second and that’s not going to happen," concluded Head Coach Kevin Boyles.

Rally Points:

Amanda Moppett is battling a nagging shoulder injury and may see her court time limited if the Dinos do well against Saskatchewan next weekend.

Krista Kinsman also has a sore shoulder as she fell down walking her dog. She will play through her injury.

Kinsman’s backup, rookie Joanna Niemczewska, is battling mono and is out of the lineup.

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