Engineering week a pleasant memory

Last week, the University of Calgary became home to some strange occurrences as engineering students took to the halls during Engineering Week. Coincidence?

"It’s a great time for engineers to bond and share our engineering spirit with the rest of the campus," said Christine Johanson of the Engineering Students’ Society.

The week of Jan. 14–18 included events such as the Payne Stuart Memorial Snow Golf Tournament, a snow sculpture competition and an ‘Iron Chef’ potato theme competition, during which student and professor teams assembled four-course meals based on potatoes. Engineering Week also included a fundraising initiative for the Calgary Women’s Shelter.

"We switch between local charities, because we like to see the money stay in Calgary," explained Johansen. "We chose the CWS this year because it’s a great place for our money to go, and they do great things to help women in need."

The fundraising campaign, organized by Andrew Snead of the ESS, included a silent auction and charity ball and raised over $5,000 for the shelter.

Another attempted fundraising event included the arrival of a White Nissan Mica in Science Theatres. The car was placed so that the "Zipper" sculpture protruded through the hood and was then filled with water. The prank was the brainchild of the U of C engineer-based Hell Raising Committee whose intent was to raise additional money for the CWS with a "Spin and Wish" campaign. However, the car was mysteriously removed three hours after its installation in the early hours of Jan. 17 and resurfaced in Lot 20. Neither Campus Security nor Facilities Management claim any knowledge of the car’s removal, aside from assertions that the other party was responsible.

Although the ESS does not support the HRC’s actions, both Johanson and an anonymous representative for the HRC said that the HRC’s initiative focus attention on the capabilities of engineering students.

"It brings a lot of pride to the engineers, gives us some media attention," said Johansen. "It’s something fun and crazy."

"It says a lot about the education students are getting, and that students are capable," said the HRC representative.

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