Women’s Basketball

By Ryan Laverty

The University of Calgary women’s basketball squad came, saw, but forgot to conquer the brood from B.C.

No one said that the Simon Fraser University Clan would be easy to defeat, but hardly anyone expected the two games to be David against Goliath. Apparently, this time David left his sling at home.

On Fri., Feb.1, the Clan came out strong and left no doubt about who would rule the match. Four out of the starting five players combined to score 60 of SFU’s 72 points. The Clan’s offensive domination made it impossible for the Dinos to get into the game or score more than 49 points. And even though the Dinos were playing the number one team in the country and were not really expecting to win, Head Coach Shawnee Harle was not satisfied with her team’s game.

"We needed to compete a lot harder than we did," said Harle. "But, I’m not sure that we would have won the game if we had played better."

After Friday’s defeat, she prepared her girls to loosen up their game, and not to get up tight about winning or losing.

"I just wanted them to work their butts off, and play a good game," said the coach.

The first half of Saturday’s game was a nightmare-Calgary only scored 11 points.

"Our defence was good, but we had mental lapses and the Simon Fraser team used them against us," said rookie guard Katherine Adams.

Despite the Dinos best efforts to come back during the second half, the walk in the park for the Clan continued. A lopsided game turned into another rout as SFU shut Calgary down 69–36.

Next weekend, the Dinos will host the University of Winnipeg at the Jack.


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