Letter Re: “Global double standard unfair to Americans,”

By Meraj Abedin

Editor, the Gauntlet,

Re: "Global double standard unfair to Americans," Jan. 31, 2002,

Tabatabai is right, self-gain is the only factor in decision making, be it for individuals or nations. According to Tabatabai, if you ever get robbed some time in the future, remember not to pursue the criminal or dare criticize him-he’s just pursuing his self-gain just like anyone else, right? Tabatabai seems to regard any form of self-gain as legitimate.

However, Nima makes the false assumption that America is your average nation peacefully pursuing its interests like any other country. America is not your average Joe. America is an imperial power. I find it offensive that one can compare peaceful countries like Canada to American imperialism. When was the last time Canada pumped hundreds of millions of dollars in arms and training to support dictatorships, military occupations and coup d’états?

All nations are not equal. A powerful country like America has more to answer for than a poor country like Somalia.

Nima casually describes Israel’s brutal and illegal occupation of Palestine as "fighting with Palestinian terrorists." This example works directly against Nima’s arguments. Israel has been largely detrimental to American interests. The main reason why America is hated by many Muslims is because of its unconditional support for Israel. America supports Israel nowadays because of the influence of powerful Jewish lobbies in Washington and the pro-Zionist and Christian coalition in the Republican Party.

America has no military bases in Israel. Israel has constantly spied on America and sold America’s nuclear secrets to America’s enemies. In this time of intense pro-American propaganda Tabatabai uses flimsy arguments to attack legitimate critics of American foreign policy.

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