Ross irks Germans

By August and Augustina von Braun

Editor, the Gauntlet,

Re: "Discriminating against man, animal and machine," Feb. 7, 2002

As longtime competitors in ballroom dancing we are frankly insulted by Andrew Ross’ opinion in the Feb. 7 issue of your newspaper.

If Mr. Ross bothered to do any background checking at all, he would know that the arts were part of the Olympic tradition since ancient times. Even in the modern Olympics, there were medals handed out by the International Olympic Committee in such events as poetry and musical composition.

Just because Mr. Ross’ literary abilities probably wouldn’t take him past the Olympic trials, that is no reason why a noble sport like novel writing should be excluded from the games.

Personally, we’ve been campaigning for theatre sports to become an Olympic event. We have a stunning Chancellor and Mrs. Kohl impression.

There was a time when the title of Academic Probation Editor was most honorable. That time is no more.

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