SU Election Forums

By Joanna Farley

There were no surprises at the Students’ Union External candidates’ forum.

On Mon., March 7, two of the three Vice-President candidates and one of four acclaimed commissioners addressed a generous crowd, covering all the standard external issues from differential tuition to student representation to student loan reform.

"I don’t think students should be paying different amounts for different degrees," said VP candidate Geoff Price. "There’s also not enough [student loan money] to cover living expenses, it gives you something like $2 a day for
your meals."

Fellow candidate Nick Vuckovic also focused on tuition, but emphasized that cost should be linked to quality of education. He believes that such issues warrant more action and consultation with students at home.

"This year our VP External travelled a lot to Edmonton," said Vuckovic. "A lot of that travel is questionable as his time could better be spent at SLC. You’ve got to be home to hear what students have to say and know what the issues are before going to Edmonton to present them."

Both candidates would encourage open communications and students feedback on their performance if elected.

"Being accountable means that if you see something on my Web site that you don’t think I’m doing next year, you come to me and let me know I’m not doing it and I’ll get right on it," said Price.

"I’m not going to post office hours but know this: I’ll be in my office every second of the day," said Vuckovic.

Tyler Johnson, the only commissioner-elect who made an appearance, also fielded standard questions about his position and platform.

"I will try to mobilize the student body on all the issues," said Johnson. "The SU should deal with what students know about."

VP candidate J.H. Lee and acclaimed External Commissioners-elect Lauren Batiuk, Shawna Little, and incumbent Erin Welk did not attend.

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