Drinking on Mondays just got cheaper

By Dan Skitch

This is a call to all those students who care, all those students who think they can make a difference, to those clubs that want to get the word. This is an invitation to all those students from the ski club to the animal rights club to the debate club. This is a summons to those students who want to get involved and learn about the University of Calgary. It’s also a call to all those students who love beer.

Hold up, what? Every Monday from 4:30 p.m. until 6:30 p.m. Molson Canadian jugs will be $6.25!

I know, this year you’ve been asking yourself what the Students’ Union has done for you. Did we stop the tuition increase? No, tuition went up over three per cent. Well, did we save you money on anything? Did we give you a reason to get involved on campus? Did we give you opportunities to get involved? Did we show you some results? Yes, Yes, Yes and double Yes. This is an opportunity to socialize, interact with fellow students and learn about some things that happen on this fabulous campus.

If you would like to get involved in this rare opportunity to promote your club or organization let me know. I want you to be at the Den telling students how they can get involved, telling students about your organization, making students aware of all of the possible things they can do on campus rather than just going to class.

Your education is not just about class, labs and tutorials. It’s about socializing, it’s about personalization, it’s about university culture. If your club or organization would like to be a part of this rare opportunity e-mail me at skitchy69@hotmail.com. Come out and gain some culture, while you save some cash.

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