Board of Governors

For their troubles, the winner of the BoG race will be awarded what we call a “God Pass.” Essentially, this parking permit allows the proud owner to leave his or her vehicle in virtually any lot on campus. A prize by any standard, it’s a very small price to pay for the skills, knowledge and experience we’d get by electing Nic Porco to the BoG representative position.


Where to begin? With three years of SU experience including his current term as VP Academic, Porco is qualified for any position. As a VPA this year, he sits on an amazing 34 committees across campus. He knows the issues, the people and how to work both in getting the changes students want.


One of Porco’s main goals is to get another undergraduate representative on the BoG. According to him, undergrads pay roughly 20 per cent of the budget but have only 11 per cent membership on the board. He would also like to see a question period for the meetings, so students can offer their perspectives directly.

Realistic about tuition hikes, he feels we should make our case even if it falls on deaf ears. Porco deserves the chance to explain tuition issues, including differential tuition and fee increases, from the student perspective to the BoG members.


His strong belief in the power of representation is a fresh change from the usual bitterness that comes from the mouths of those experienced and involved in student politics. Honest and intelligent, this soft-spoken individual wants to make a positive difference for students. We should let him.

Magic Eight Ball says:

Outlook good.