Senate Rep

By Kim Stock

Who knows when or why the Senate suddenly became so interesting, but it was enough to get SU star Oliver Ho in the race. Why he wouldn’t run for a more glamorous, better paying position is a mystery, but we shouldn’t fault him for that decision when there’s so much right about him.


Though he’s never actually attended a Senate meeting, Ho doesn’t lack relevant experience. An SU commissioner for the past four years, he has a solid background in student issues. Though not as knowledgeable or experienced as fellow candidate Oliver Bladek, it won’t take long for Ho to catch up.


Fully aware he can’t change the Senate, Ho is willing to work with other members to achieve his goals. Essentially, he aims to bring the student perspective to the meetings and push the value of a university degree to the community. With respect to honorary degrees, Ho would like to see more diversity in the selections, rather than the usual standard. Ho also hopes to have meetings on a frequent, monthly basis, instead of every two months.


Ho’s confident enough to deal with senators who are older, more experienced and more educated than himself-he doesn’t see himself as just a kid going up against all-knowing adults. This philosophy, combined with his style, intelligence and smooth and articulate speaking skills, will likely help convince other senators that he’s not just some young ‘un, but someone worth listening to and means business.

Magic Eight Ball says:

Without a doubt.


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