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Dan Skitch has a rudimentary grasp of the issues and his business sense may advance him in the future but it won’t get him very far as the VPA. Skitch wants to do it all by lowering Den prices to keep people on campus, reducing tuition and lobbying businesses for bursaries and sponsorships. He also wants to work on his own portfolio, as none of the previous issues are actually the concern of the VPA.


Working with SLC, SAA and executive cabinet for almost a year should have provided Skitch some experience. Overall, however, he lacks fundamental knowledge in areas such as what the SAA does or what TUCFA is. He is also unaware of the thirty-odd committees on which the current VPA represents the SU, something considered to be one of Nic Porco’s defining strengths.


Skitch has some good ideas like putting the exam bank online and informing students about the Student Rights Advisor, but he himself is unclear as to what she actually does. And while his opposition to differential tuition is admirable, there’s little he can do about it as VPA. Similarly, tuition consultation, tuition freezes and tuition decreases should not be his prime concerns as they are not parts of his portfolio.


Clarity and focus would help Skitch become more successful in his further SU adventures, should he decide to have any. Hopefully he doesn’t trundle on too many exec’s toes along the way.

Magic Eight Ball says:

As I see it, yes.


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