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Every year, we run into candidates like Robbie Schuett who want to make a difference but start off too big. Schuett’s full of beans but has no real clue how to channel all that methane into anything concrete. We applaud him for his enthusiasm but gently suggest the four syllables com-mish-shu-ner.


None within the SU and it shows: no knowledge of the almighty Greg Curtis and a belief that one month in office is all it will take to get up to speed. If he has other relevant experience, he didn’t mention it though the grapevine says he throws a wicked party.


Nothing really stands out in this standard events platform, modified to fit the times. Due concern is given to security at the Den and there are ideas for raising the university profile with the community at large that are interesting but vague. Unlike his competitors, Schuett astutely targets the commuter students as the source of a great deal of campus apathy and recognizes the need for their greater involvement in campus life.


This is the kind of candidate we hate to see running for VP. He’s energetic, full of fantastic ideas, smells great and would be a dynamite commissioner. But he ain’t ready to wear the VP hat. Contrary to his beliefs, a lack of experience is a problem when dealing with a bureaucracy like the SU and his idea that he’d have a grip after a month in office speaks to his innocence and naivete. Props for wanting to make a difference, Mr. Schuett. But this is not your road.

Magic Eight Ball says:

Most likely.


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