Strongbow Cider

By Ruth Davenport

Strongbow cider is, quite simply, the most victimized and long-suffering alcoholic drink of the civilized world.

The inexperienced and ignorant drinkers of the world tend to assimilate it with all the other beverages that parade under the "cider" banner–swill otherwise known as Grower’s and Okanagan. All of it is consumed by pansy-ass lowbrow bar stars with no money and even less taste.

Poor, poor Strongbow. A true cider is not the not the addition of fruit juice to mouthwash, it’s the product of the natural fermentation of rotten apples–yum–and Strongbow is one of the best. It’s a light, off-dry golden drink that’s not overly sweet and not overly sour and not for the indiscriminate palate. It goes well with most common pub food, most Asian cuisine and tastes great at any temperature–try it hot with a shot of apple brandy or ice cold to wash down fish and chips. It’s seductive, smooth and packs more alcohol per volume than most mass-produced Canadian beers. Lightweights beware–this is not a drink to be handled carelessly.

Essentially, this is a cider that outperforms, outclasses and outweighs most other drinks by the same name on this side of the pond but rarely seeks the spotlight. It can be bought in bottles at most major liquor stores or on tap at most fine drinking establishments in Calgary.

Also, don’t be tricked with the sorry imitation that goes by the name Rock Creek Cider. Strongbow cider requires a cultivated taste, but once you’re in, you’re in for life. The world is replete with those who have discovered they downright love them apples.


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