Sleeman Honey Brown

By James Keller

It wasn’t that long ago that I realized there was a whole new world of beer out there beyond Molson and Budweiser. There were new bottles, new faces and a whole lot of flavour I’d never experienced.

It wasn’t that long ago, during a long-weekend campus trip–August to be exact–that a friend of a friend of a friend joined us around a campfire and pulled out a Sleeman Honey Brown. I didn’t know what to think looking at it, with its clear, almost naked bottle and its rich colour. I gave it a taste nonetheless.

What I found was, quite simply, a great beer. It’s incredibly easy to drink with the added bonus of natural honey to sweeten the pot, making it even more than just a really good lager. The honey gives this charming brew something the big-label brewers could only wish for. And while I may not get the chance to sip a Sleeman as often as I’d like, it comes with me at least a couple times a year, keeping me company around the campfire. Marshmallow with that Sleeman?


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