Big Rock Grasshopper

By Natalie Sit

I admitted once to somebody (who shall remain unnamed) that my favourite pint was Grass-hopper.

It was, quite simply a mistake. They looked at me funny and then explained in a worldly tone that there are many other beers out there–I was obviously missing out.

But I can’t help it. Grasshopper was the first beer I really tasted and actually enjoyed. I always thought beer was a nasty substance, no doubt cultured by my early days of drinking Kokanee. However, Grasshopper has a nice, light taste. It’s a taste you want to savour it instead of swilling it to get drunk. And adding a lemon is an incredibly nice touch. It heightens the lightness and the smoothness of the brew.

The Grasshopper experience goes beyond taste: You slowly squeeze the lemon into the drink. The beer fizzes as the slice drifts to the bottom. The sharp lemon aroma stays on your fingers afterwards when the last lemony drop is gone.

While some may dismiss Grass-hopper as a lightweight, it’s an experience no other beer provides.