Corona Extra

I wanted my first time to be with someone special. Luckily, I made the right choice.

The first beer I ever tried (and loved) was the notoriously popular Corona Extra. Though its light taste and low 4.6 per cent alcohol volume leaves a little to be desired for some, no one should overlook this brew.

There’s a reason Corona Extra is Mexico’s number one export. It’s about more than just a beer, it’s about a lifestyle. Hot summer days would be impossible to take if it weren’t for an ice-cold Corona. Add a fresh lime wedge, have a sip, and you are instantly transported away from life’s mayhem. Ahhh, yes. Feel the warm sand between your toes, listen to the waves crash into the beach. Marvel at how unbelievably clean and refreshed you feel. Trying to find a better way to relax would be like dragging a bald man around by the roots on his head.

Not only is this beer enjoyable bottle after bottle, it’s versatile. One could begin an engaging conversation with complete strangers about the various meanings of the word. For the intellectual types, mention that a corona refers to a coloured circle around the sun or moon caused by the diffraction of light off suspended droplets and particles of dust. For the more sexually inclined, the corona refers to the upper portion of a certain male body part. How very interesting.

Wow–I’m suddenly very thirsty. I guess there’s only one thing left to say: "Yo quiero cerveza mas fina Corona."


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