Matt Zane, Words as Carriers

By Kirstin Morrell

From famed porn director to soulful musical philosopher, Society 1’s frontman Matt Zane is full of contradictions. His second album, Words as Carriers, is largely spoken art, touching on such dark themes as loss of innocence and the futility of existence.

Understandably, sexual awakening and desires are a large part of this album, but some moments are stunningly perceptive of the viewpoints of both genders. Songs like “Searching the Sound” showcase Zane’s vocal talent contrasted against a backdrop of tribal-influenced percussion.

Unfortunately, this CD suffers from a lack of continuity between tracks. From lust to hedonism to rage, the listener is buffeted with so many unconnected ideas that it’s difficult to find a constant thread. While Matt Zane will never be Henry Rollins, Words as Carriers is a worthwhile look at this generation’s animalistic cravings.