Spelunkers caught, Campus Security makes plans for G8

By Adriana Hunstad

A bizarre incident occurred one early morning in May, when Campus Security nabbed three men in their early 20s with flashlights and goggles around 2 a.m.

"It is a new trend, first identified in Toronto about two years ago: urban cave exploring," said Campus Security Manager Lanny Fritz. "They try to penetrate tunnels on different campuses. Then they take pictures of themselves in these tunnels and post them on the web, where they tell the story of how difficult it was and the barriers they encountered."

The men were exploring the storm drains around campus, seeking entrance to the underground tunnel system.

Calgary Police was summoned, and it was determined the men had no criminal intent.

In unrelated incidents, Craigie Hall and Murray Fraser Hall had several break-and-enter complaints, and there was a chemical spill in a lab in the Heritage Medical Research building.

"A minor spill had to be absorbed, but there were no injuries or damage," said Fritz.

Currently, Campus Security is preparing for the G6B summit on June 21–25. Access to some buildings will be restricted, with entrance obtained only with student or staff ID cards. The G8 summit in Kananaskis follows the G6B, running June 26 and 27.

"We still anticipate 5,000–10,000 out of town people attending the G8 in Calgary," said Fritz. "The university feels we are fulfilling our role as good, responsible citizens by hosting the G6B. We are doing anything we can by offering space in student residency for speakers and delegates for the G6B. Unfortunately, we do not have facilities to host that mass of people."

The restrictions on access between June 20–25 include Kinesiology and the Olympic Oval, Health Services and Biological Sciences. The Kinesiology complex will close by 7 p.m., while the Olympic Oval will be closed to the public the entire week. Health Sciences will lock its doors to the public at 4:30 p.m. On Sat., June 22, the Biological Sciences building will be closed as Social Sciences Dean Stephen Randall hosts the "Strengthening Sustainable Global Growth: the Kananaskis Challenge" conference, sponsored by the Faculty of Social Sciences and the University of Toronto. Security will monitor this building to deny public access.

All staff and students must present their ID to access to these buildings.

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