Commemorative tree planted without U of C President

By Adriana Hunstad

On the morning of Wed., June 12, 2002, the 12th crabapple tree was planted at Convocation Grove, an area located at the north entrance of the Olympic Oval.

Jointly established in 1991 by the Students’ Legislative Council and University of Calgary administration, the grove commemorated 25 years of graduating students.

Officiating the ceremony with Students’ Union President Matt Stambaugh, was outgoing Chancellor Jack Perraton, Associate Vice President International Dr. Duffie Van Balkom, and President of Alumni Association Grant MacEachern. However, attendance by students was minimal.

Speeches were made in front of a crowd consisting of SU staff and some grads with their parents who were lingering around the area.

"Congratulations to all who are graduating," said Perraton as he shook hands with Stambaugh.

Unfortunately, one important person was absent.

"This is the first time in twelve years that the president [Dr. Harvey Weingarten] couldn’t attend. But thank you all for coming," concluded Stambaugh.

The ceremony ended with the four men digging into the fresh soil around the tree, representing the graduates of 2002.

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