Student criminals?

By Adriana Hunstad

After much anticipation and preparation on campus, the Group of Six Billion and the G8 summits ran without a hitch late June.

"We had been planning for G6B for several months," said Campus Security Manager Lanny Fritz. "Additional shifts were added, with static guard positions in high risk areas on campus."

The G6B conference was held on campus from June 21–25. Concerns that the university would be used as a campground by visiting activists during the G6B and G8 conferences remained only concerns, with only one incident noted on campus.

"One pup tent was erected by the greenhouse by three young males from British Columbia," said Fritz. "Officers awoke them, advised them that it was not a suitable place to camp, and offered them conference housing."

They relocated compliantly.

Hate propaganda posters were another issue during the conference.

"An anonymous group decided to put a few posters on bulletin boards, objecting to G8 leaders discussing African issues," said Fritz.

The posters were found throughout the science complex, an area where much of the G6B summit was held. They depicted pictures of Adolf Hitler and Nazi leaders and used biblical quotes to support their claims. They were quickly spotted and removed.

Otherwise, Campus Security did not encounter any big problems during this event.

Unrelated to the summit, a transient was discovered sleeping inside Murray Fraser Hall, carrying letters similar to ones used to harass a campus faculty member. The transient was escorted away, and banned from campus.

Meanwhile, an incident occurred at the bookstore, where two young males were caught stealing books worth up to $1,200.

"A loss prevention guy suspected two guys of placing books into a bag," said Fritz. "He then witnessed them taking price tags off the books in the food court."

Thirteen new textbooks were found in the suspects’ bag. The males were questioned at Campus Security, where the suspects immediately admitted to stealing the books. They were charged, arrested for theft, and banned indefinitely from campus. One suspect was a second-year student.

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