Harassment on campus

There was an unusually high number of on-campus harassment incidents in the month of July. Many occurred in Residence, and two dealt with sexual assault. The first victim was a female student who received medical attention but did not report the incident to the police. Calgary Police Service is currently investigating the second woman’s case but the disposition is unknown.

"The two sexual assaults are two separate unrelated incidents that just happened in Residence," said Campus Security Assistant Manager Ken Kress.

All assault victims are offered with options of how to deal with each episode.

"Counseling is available," added Kress. "We make resources available to victims of any kind of violent crime. This was done in both cases."

Another female student in Residence has been getting prank phone calls and letters warning her to "watch out." Several male students are suspected of harassment.

"They knew each other to some degree," said Kress who added that Calgary Police Services and Residence Services are investigating the incident.

In another case, a male reported that offensive stickers about him were located throughout Calgary bus shelters and women’s washrooms. According to Kress, some were found within the women’s washroom in MacEwan Student Centre. The stickers stated the following:

"(The victim’s first name) of the Zeta Psi Fraternity is a f—— slimeball! He just won’t take NO for an answer."

Zeta Psi representatives could not be reached for comment.

An unrelated disturbance occurred outside MacEwan Hall after the Billy Idol concert in late July. A female threatened to injure herself with a pen knife. She and a male were separated, and the girl returned to her group home.

"The number of harassment cases was unusually high this month. But then next month there can be next to nothing," said Kress.

In total, 19 incidents of harassment were reported to Campus Security.

July by the numbers

Incident Type Number Loss ($)
Lost Property (2) $1,500
>Break and Enter (2) $100
Car Prowling (3) $4, 250
Mysterious Loss (1) $5
Safety Hazard (5) $50
Stolen Property (2) $150

Theft (16) $9, 777
Water Leak (10) $50

Break, Enter, Theft $4, 475
Mischief/Prop. Damage $2, 515
Motor Vehicle Accident $1,310
Information Only $30
Property Damage $200

Total $ 24, 462

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