Alex Llyod, Watching Angels Mend

You know that expanding feeling you get in your chest during the emotional parts of movies–whether you hide it or not? Alex Lloyd’s new release, Watching Angels Mend, features sweeping songs with the sincerity and stirring nature to stimulate that same part of you.

Aside from the attraction the songs possess, they stir up a different fascination because of their musical nature. There is a good variation in sound between the 11 song on the album, and additional seven from the bonus disc. Mediums range from pleasing drum-and-bass beats, to acoustic strumming. A variation of percussion instruments, piano and even steel guitar are used to fill out the atmosphere of the sound scapes.

This album, written about Lloyd’s life and relationships, is a little sentimental, but also endearing. The overall fine quality of the songs save them from coming off as pretentious. This is certainly an interesting disc to check out.