High Five Drive, …Something Better

By Josh LaVoie

Something Better? How about something generic, unoriginal and uninventive.

This album, High Five Drive’s first production, is a fine candidate for the first annual "What is wrong with punk-rock today award." I’d already heard this album a thousand times before I even pressed the play button. This punk/emo mixture is not all bad however, some of the tracks on the disc show some promise.

The song "A Relative Matter" is an impressive display of a practiced group with some indications of talent, unfortunately it’s the same recycled drivel that is seen throughout this five-track disc. That track is fortunate enough however to not be voiced by the group’s secondary vocalist whose tone-deaf effort graces the tragedy that is the album’s opener. Despite all these misgivings, HighFive Drive is a band relatively new intheir travels and could be quite effective ifthey can bring something new into their music.