NUTV, CJSW get new space

By Kirstin Morrell

No more Taco Time for these campus media folk–NUTV is moving up in the world and CJSW is right along with it.

At the Tue., Aug. 6, 2002 Students Legislative Council meeting, councilors voted 8-0 in favour of the latest development plan for the third floor of MacEwan Hall that includes new space for both nutv and cjsw.

"We just want to move as soon as possible," said NUTV Station Manger Kevin Allen, from his desk under the old Taco Time fume hood.

Since moving into temporary offices on the second floor of MacEwan Students’ Centre last fall, NUTV staff have been eager to leave for many reasons including extreme temperatures and random unknown odours. In winter, unattended cups of water freeze on desktops while summer heat is trapped in the former fast food kitchen.

While NUTV staffers will be happy to finally be off the second floor, the move will be a financial burden to the station, which will have to pay to develop the new space.

"We’ve also launched closed circuit television this year, which has taken a lot of our resources," Allen said.

Students’ Union Vice-President Operations and Finance Robbie White was adamant that construction of the interiors would be the responsibility of the tenants, NUTV and CJSW.

"It will be up to the respective groups to build the inside however they want," said White.

CJSW Station Manager Chad Saunders believes the move to the third-floor will be a positive change.

"It smells like bad feet," he said of their current first-floor location.

The new 3,918 square-foot space in the plan will also help fulfill the station’s long-term goals, which have included applying for a 40,000-Watt broadcast license-more power than even the popular University of Toronto station, CSCR.

"Our vision is a 30-year plan," Saunders said. "We are happy to see some plans that will finally fill our needs."

While Saunders was enthusiastic about the opportunity cjsw has to design new offices, money is again a major concern.

"This October is probably going to be the most significant funding drive in our history," he said.

In addition to better space for the two broadcast media organizations, the close proximity offers the TriMedia Alliance new opportunities for cooperation.

"Just because you live next door to someone doesn’t mean you know your neighbours," Saunders warned.


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