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Late production night. You’re sitting in front of a computer screen until your brain becomes deoxygenated because of the lousy air-circulation system, in old MacEwan Hall then as your butt goes numb and your neck aches and as you’re typing up that last minute article while the deadline creeps up on you like the wolfman in a bad 1940s Lon Chaney Jr. horror flick and you realize you’re babbling incoherently partly because the alcohol earlier this evening hasn’t completely left your system partly because cynicism is a hallucinogen and you’ve had your share, and then all of a sudden, you’re surrounded by little fairies that look like the mutant offspring of Hunter S. Thompson and Tinkerbell if they ever mated but that would never happen ’cause, well, you would have to consider the physics of the situation–I mean c’mon, Hunter S. Thompson is like six feet tall and Tinkerbell must be about the size of his .357 Magnum BLAM! then you suddenly realize none of this is real it’s actually that second rush of adrenalin you need from that magic wonder-gland that compels you to suffer the cruel yet unmistakably pleasurable fate of the student journalist…

Who needs J-school when you can get all the journalistic experience you can stomach right here at the University of Calgary?

Old MacEwan Hall is home to the three pillars of student journalism–radio (CJSW), television (New University Television), and print, the Gauntlet.

"It can be an exercise in masochism, especially if you reach the esteemed rank of Gauntlet co-editor; but when inspiration, a team dynamic, and an abusive relationship with Jimmie Walker all come together with a high-pressure deadline as a catalyst, it’s pre magic. You’d be surprised what you can pull off when your options have run out. Plus it’s a great way to learn valuable writing, photography and computer layout/design skills–in other words, pad your resume." I said. Feeling guilty, I added: "Don McSwiney (CJSW Station Manager, 1996) didn’t call me back, and in the lack of sleep-induced haze of the past week, I forgot to talk to someone from nutv. But I’m sure they’d agree with me. So check them out too."

CJSW’s offices are located in the basement of old MacEwan Hall, Rm. 127; NUTV is on the second floor across from the Black Lounge; and the Gauntlet is on the third floor, in Rm. 319.

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