IT Account registration made easy

By Nicole Kobie

Frosh today have it so easy. Back in the day, signing up for an it account meant a two-day process that required using Telnet. Now, Information Technologies has simplified the process.

Rather than requiring students to learn how to use Telnet and make them use specified university computers on two separate occasions, students can now sign up on-line in one step.

"We made the change primarily because the modern kid just coming to the university is not comfortable with Telnet, but are with the web-based registration," said Jeremy Mortis, Manager of Web and Email services.

Previously, the process would be explained during U of C 101. Even though leaders explained how to use Telnet, frosh students would still try to use their mouse, an input method that does not work with Telnet. Aside from being easier for the uninitiated, the web registration system allows students and staff to sign up from any computer, at any time.

"We tried to make it a bit more user-friendly," said Mortis. "The old version was kind of archaic."

Graduate students and staff have successfuly used the new system for most of the summer, with very few problems. Essentially, the same logic is used as the old system, it just has a more friendly interface.

it accounts give students a email account as well as a login name for WebCT–the on-line component of some courses–and protected web pages. While many new students don’t always realize the need for an it account, most students do eventually sign up for one.

"Our e-mail system is better," explained Mortis. "We have a larger inbox, virus scan, spam checking… and it identifies you as a U of C student."

To register for an it account, go to


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