Harassment warning

By Adriana Hunstad

Three harassment cases were reported in the Health Sciences Complex in August. In each case, the description of the individual fit the same person. Campus Security issued an alert last week in an attempt to prevent further cases.

According to Campus Security Manager Lanny Fritz, the first incident occurred on Aug. 7, when a female U of C student believed she was being followed. While she walking from Health Sciences to the parking lot, a man followed close behind. She called home with a cell phone, at which point the suspect passed her and sat on a car, continuing to stare at her, even as she drove away.

The second incident occurred on Aug. 13, with a lab assistant.

"This person was walking towards the medical library when she was greeted by an unknown male," said Fritz.

He followed her inside and sat across from her while visibly staring at her. According to Fritz, he continuously got up from his chair and stood by her, then sat back down. As she left, he followed her out of the library at which point she became frightened and ran away. He did not follow.

The final incident occurred on Aug. 15, with a staff member working in the library.

"The staff member became very uncomfortable as she realized that someone was leering at her, and approached her and asked some inappropriate questions," said Fritz.

The individual continued to stay in the library for no apparent reason. Campus Security was alerted and arrived just as the individual was leaving.

"It was determined he was there for no specific purpose," said Fritz. "As he was not a student or a staff member, he was banned from campus."

The harasser is described to be around 25 years old, six feet tall, slim built at 175 pounds, with dark skin and eyes, and black hair.

Campus Security urges students to report all incidents of harassment at 220–5333.

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