Got crime?

By Adriana Hunstad

Starting this fall, Campus Security is running a student volunteer program in conjunction with Calgary’s Crime Stoppers unit. Campus Security officer Scott Donselaar came up with the idea for the campus program in May 2001. He approached University of Calgary’s Campus Security Manager Lanny Fritz, Crime Stoppers and Calgary Police Services Stolen Property Unit Detective Colin Adair.

Fritz believes this program will create an awareness of Crime Stoppers on campus, leading to a reduction in crime on campus.

“People become more aware, take more personal precautions, and

there is an increase in reporting to Crime Stoppers,” said Fritz.

Donselaar hopes that U of C students and staff will be receptive to this program. Already, similar programs are running across other Canadian universities.

“We plan on doing a big awareness campaign around campus, playing on the fact that Crime Stoppers will pay a cash reward for anonymous tips that lead to conviction,” he said.

Informants do not have to leave their names or phone numbers, just the required information. Once a charge is laid, the informants will receive a monetary reward dropped off in a certain location by a third party volunteer.

There was about $500,000 worth of theft and property damage

on campus in 2001. The program will focus on theft, property damage, drugs, assault and violent crime.

One goal is to get the number of assaults down. Last year, there were 23 assaults on campus, a very high number for this university.

“People don’t report things because of repercussions,” said Donselaar. “If a person feels they can report anonymously, it is easier to get the help they need because they don’t need to give their name.”

Donselaar is currently accepting applications for volunteers, who will all be subjected to a security clearance check. He is looking to hire between seven to fifteen volunteers, who will meet once a month and come up with projects to promote the program.

Volunteers will receive experience and letters of reference.

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