Editor, the Gauntlet:

I’m astonished that Holger Herwig chose to parrot the numerous inaccuracies that were published in the original Calgary Herald editorial written by Sara MacIntyre, a grad student in political science.

Contrary to MacIntyre and Herwig’s claims, students can enjoy a Big Rock beer in the Den–it’s just not on tap. The reason it’s not on tap, and in a bottle instead, is because there is little demand for it among our demographic. Big Rock beers tend to appeal to an older demographic. Contrary to Herwig’s claim that the Students’ Union is not letting the market place decide, our market has definitely spoken to us through sales. Our customers want Molson, and the occasional one who does want a Big Rock is not denied.

To accuse the su of banning Big Rock products is not only false, it is against the law. Herwig and MacIntyre should get their facts straight before accusing an organization of breaking the law. Two years ago, the Alberta Liquor and Gaming Commission (algc) launched an investigation into such practices. As a result, a number of institutions and organizations were fined. The Students’ Union, which was also investigated, was not.

Since then, all buy-sell agreements are negotiated and monitored between the brewery and the AGLC.

Big Rock does not have a corner on support of the University of Calgary. Yes, Big Rock offers five $1,000 scholarships per year. Molson offers ten $1,000 scholarships. Also, Molson has sponsored our current responsible drinking campaign, is involved in Dinos athletics, and numerous student focused promotions such as concerts and prizes.

Herwig is right about one thing. The fact that Big Rock may or may not have given U of C $100,000 is irrelevant to us because the su is not the U of C. We are separate and autonomous. As well, the other agreements that Herwig mentions, such as Pepsi, were negotiated by the University. The SU is not privy to the details of that agreement or the agreements they may have with Hammermill, Starbucks, or anyone else for that matter.

It’s mind boggling to me that Herwig just repeated all the inaccuracies in the original MacIntyre article as fact. How about actually talking to someone at the SU? In fact, if you would like to discuss this over a bottle of Big Rock in the Den, that would be great.