A+ disliked by SAA

By Вen Li

By a vote of 11–3, the Students’ Academic Assembly voted to adopt a resolution against the new a+ grade on Monday September 23. After some debate, the Students’ Union’s body in charge of deliberating academic issues chose to oppose the new grade.

Their resolution stated: “Whereas section 57 of the [su] Governance Bylaw authorizes the Students’ Academic Assembly to evaluate and set Students’ Union policy and procedures on academic-related policy and programs; Whereas the University of Calgary recently adopted a policy of distributing symbolic A+ grades to undergraduate students; And whereas in some courses the possibility of receiving an a+ does not exist; Now therefore be it resolved that: 1. The Students’ Union recommends that the University immediately remove the A+ grading system.”

That resolution was followed by a resolution to clarify course syllabi.

The resolution read in part: “…Whereas the University of Calgary does not require course syllabi to include their grading schemes; Now therefore be it resolved that: 1. All course syllabi clearly define the requirements for each possible letter grade,” followed by a call for instructors to distribute such information to students.

Representatives from the body will present the new policy at the next General Faculties Council meeting in October.