Alberta Ferret Society copes as evil volunteers try to wrest control

By Kyle Young

Like most of you, the Gauntlet receives large amounts of e-mail, most of which is either irrelevant or useless. However, occasionally we manage to come across some precious jewel that is simply too good to keep to ourselves. With this in mind, the Academic Probation section proudly presents one we like to call The Great Ferret Coup.

First letter

U of C Gauntlet – Kris Kotarski, Editor in Chief:

Hello, my name is Kellie Sands and I am the pr & Promotions Director of the Ferret Rescue & Education Society.

We are a charitable, non-profit animal rescue organization serving Southern Alberta and we are interested in advertising in your publication.

Could you please advise me of costs and benefits for charitable, non-profit ogranizations (sic).

Thank you!

Kellie Sands

pr & Promotions Director

Ferret Rescue & Education Society

Cellular: [403] 701-3946

bn 86220 4716 rr0001

Registered March 27, 2002

Charitable Animal Rescue & Education Society

Second Letter

To whom this may concern,

It has recently come to our attention that a group of people, who were acting on behalf of the Alberta Ferret Society, attempted a failed takeover of the Alberta Ferret Society, and made declaration that the Alberta Ferret Society had changed its name to the Ferret Rescue and Education Society, or otherwise known as fres.

Their actions have placed the Alberta Ferret Society in a very awkward and difficult position within the community in which we reside, the ferret community, their shelters and rescues, and with the businesses that we deal with. We are still working on getting all afs property back from these individuals, but it has been an long and arduous task.

These volunteers were dismissed from their positions within the Society, but unfortunately we have evidence that this take over (sic) was in the works for some time. We have evidence that these same individuals were using contact information that was gained through afs business.

We are presently contacting everyone to see if they had sent out information on their shelter. If they have made contact with your organization, I am making a respectful request and plea to have their ad request denied and them removed from your mailing/contact listings.

I’m sure that you can appreciate that the actions of a few misguided individuals could potentially do harm in the area of ferret rescues in general, and we don’t want to see that happen. Nor do we want to see people who have solid reputations associated with people who have undertaken these tactics to gain public notoriety and recognition.

If you have any questions or concerns, could you please contact either myself at the above address (, or Barb Gustafson, the President of the Alberta Ferret Society at

best regards,

Betty Janner

Interim Spokesperson of Calgary

Alberta Ferret Society