Confusion drives Kyoto

It sounds like the apocalypse is nearing as Canada decides to ratify the controversial Kyoto Accord. Our choices seem pretty grim: do we sacrifice an unknown number of jobs hoping it won’t be in vain and will help cease global warming, or do we revoke the accord and hope the environment doesn’t end up saying “I told you so.”

Although we’re safe as students within the U of C microcosm now, what will happen when we get out into the real world and try to find jobs? As a student who is graduating this year, I don’t want the Kyoto Accord ratified, because according to Alberta Premier Ralph Klein, this will spell doom for Alberta’s job market. I don’t want to take any unnecessary chances. However, the concerned environmentalist inside me does not want to gamble with the earth’s fate, since global warming would drastically decrease our quality of life no matter how much money we have. If you’re an extremist on either end the choice is clear. However, for the majority of us who want to be self-sufficient citizens within a healthy environment, which direction are we supposed to support? There seems to be no compromise between the provincial and federal governments and they are continually budding heads, as opposed to working together to get at the facts.

It’s pathetic that the government of Alberta is spending $1.5 million advertising how harmful the protocol will be for Albertans. It is turning into a competition to sell the accord, as opposed to trying to educate the public objectively on the facts at hand. This campaign may also be a desperate cry for help since the federal government doesn’t seem open to listening to the Premier’s concerns. Sadly, if it does come down to a popularity contest between politicians–Ralph Klein, who wants to revoke the accord) and Jean Chr├ętien, who wants to ratify the accord-that would be a distressing choice. I don’t know which politician to trust or which bandwagon to jump on, but it sure would be great to see some unbiased people speaking for Albertans and not for government interests on either side.

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