Gauntlet editor has dirty little secret

Entertainment Editor Myke Atkinson has plans for his section, ambitious plans. Yet Atkinson has a problem; he is an addict, an addict of Harlequin Romance.

"There’s just something about the relationship of a man and a woman in print," confesses Atkinson, "you just can’t find it anywhere else."

As yet, Atkinson’s problem hasn’t impacted his editing abilities, but the longer the books are left in his hands, the greater the temptation to review Harlequin becomes.

Tracing back through Atkinson’s childhood, his troubles began with his encounters with pornographic magazines in high school. Buckling under peer pressure, Atkinson quickly developed a habit of reading porn stories, turning to the internet to feed his addiction.

"Then one day, I came across eHarlequin," says a tearful Atkinson. "They offered a sense of belonging, somewhere I finally felt at home, where I could reach out to women who understand me."