Nursing needs new dean

By Kevin Rothbauer

For the last three months, the University of Calgary’s Faulty of Nursing has been without a dean.

At the end of June 2002, former dean Dr. Deborah Tamlyn finished her term with the U of C and returned home to Halifax. Since then, Dr. Florence Myrick has been serving as the faculty’s acting dean.

“My current responsibilities are the same as those of a permanent dean,” said Dr. Myrick, who began her term on July 1 and will continue to serve as acting dean until June 30, 2003.

In the meantime, the university has been searching for a new dean. The first series of interviews failed to find a successful candidate for the position, and a second selection process is underway.

“We were unable to ascertain a suitable candidate last year and are currently in the process of accepting applications again,” explained Students’ Union Nursing Representative Ellen Tsui, who sits on the Dean’s Search Committee.

The committee is chaired by U of C Vice-President Academic Dr. Ron Bond and also includes nursing professor Dr. Carol Rogers, who previously served as acting dean prior to Dr. Tamlyn’s term.

For the average nursing student, the lack of a permanent dean should have no effect on studies.

“I do not feel that the students have a grasp of what the dean’s role in the faculty is, and what the responsibilities are, or even what she looks like,” noted Tsui. “The majority of them may not realize that Dr. Myrick is an interim dean.”

The current selection process will be accepting applications until Oct. 15. According to the job posting on the U of C website, the selection committee is looking for a candidate with administrative experience, and a background in teaching and research. It also emphasizes the need to work closely with the public, the local health care community and Southern Alberta’s health regions.

“We have advertised quite extensively,” added Margaret Stephens, assistant to Dr. Bond.

For now, Dr. Myrick is determined to keep the Faculty of Nursing on track, as it was when her term began.

“This faculty is a faculty on the move and in my capacity as acting dean, it is my goal to continue to support the faculty in their endeavors to keep this faculty moving forward.”