U of A alumnist Scott Lechky voted PC Youth Finance Director

Вen Li

News Editor

Edmonton’s Scott Lechky was elected the federal Progressive Conservative Youth Finance Director on Aug. 24, 2002 at their national general meeting. The 24-year-old has a BComm in Financial Management from the U of A where he’s currently working on his cfa Level 3 designation.

"Back in university, I did some fund raising," he said, admitting he is a novice at politics. "I don’t have a lot of experience in politics, I only became involved a few years ago."

Lechky was separately the Vice-President External and President for the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity in Edmonton. Incoming pc Youth President Keith Marlowe tapped Lechky for the position of Finance Director because of his experience as a financial analyst at Fluor Corporation.

Despite heading up the finances of a youth wing facing financial difficulties, Lechky is determined to keep youth in mind.

"I want to focus on long-term development of our youth, to show the party and Canadians we are serious about development of our young people," he said.

Lechky cited the importance of educational development for young people in Alberta and keeping education accessible.

"The big thing is to make it affordable. I was making enough money at a financial consulting firm so I was able to pay my loans back. I just want to make sure people who graduate aren’t indebted for life."

He also suggested extending the current student loan deferral period from six months to decrease the burden on post-secondary students. Also, Lechky wants more scholarships and corporate support.

"I think education has got to be affordable and accessible but I don’t agree it should be fully subsidized. I like the U.S. model where people are not held back because of finances. If you’ve got the grades, Harvard will let you in."

Lechky agreed with Marlowe that political involvement on Canadian campuses is lacking and plans to work with him to increase youth involvement in the party.


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