Letters, the Editor

As a dance student myself, I have learned many of the qualities and aspects of contemporary dance that a critic would look for in a contemporary dance performance. I noticed that all but one of these qualities were missing from Daorcey Le Bray’s critique. The one aspect that Le Bray did include was that of “personal reflection,” which I believe is entirely valid. However, the conspicuous lack of any other aspect (use of space, lighting, timing, music, flow, story, process) has led me to question the validity or authority of Le Bray’s commentary–which is exactly what it is–not a critique.

My biggest concern, though, is not the overall negative opinion regarding the performances, but rather the lack of critical thinking that was allowed to be printed, and Le Bray’s suggestion of missing future “Profesional Series” performances. It is obvious to me the he has little to no skill as a dance theatre critic but it may not be so appearant to other readers, and as such may follow that advice. It is as if Le Bray said “I didn’t like it so you won’t.”

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