Dinos smell playoffs, taste nothing

All week Head Coach Robin Slot’s emotions meandered between extremes. He was like the Incredible Hulk: “Slot angry!” one day, “Slot satisfied!” the next.

But this was not unfounded. The beleaguered “Slot Machine” lost his only goalkeeper to a concussion on Wednesday, beat the top-ranked team in Canada on Saturday, and saw his team lose to an easier opponent the very next day.

To sum up his week: “Slot confused!”

At Wednesday’s practice, keeper Charlotte Sullivan slid into team-mate Jessica Horning’s knee. As is often the case when head and knee meet, head lost, and knee lived to fight another day.

With Sullivan joining number-one keeper Taryn Swiatek on the sidelines, Slot had no choice but to start rookie striker Stephanie Hoogveld in net. He crossed his fingers and held his breath as the Dinos pulled out an inexplicable 2-0 win against the undefeated University of British Columbia Thunderbirds. Forwards Katie Lee and Megan Dourado scored first-half goals, and the defence was nothing short of amazing. After the game, coach Slot was in Bruce Banner mode. Mild mannered, almost relaxed, there was no sign of Hulkish intensity.

However–and you knew this was coming–the Dinos did not match their earlier effort against the University of Victoria the next day.

Calgary allowed two first-half goals to the visiting Vikes, and could not put anything past keeper Morgan Levermann. Now, a 2-0 loss to a ranked opponent is nothing to be ashamed of when you have a striker in net. But taking into account the amazing result from a day before, the Dinos couldn’t help but be disappointed.

Next up for Calgary is a season ending home-and-home with the Lethbridge Pronghorns. The Dinos must win both games to keep their playoff hopes alive.

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