Hot Water Music, Caution

Widely regarded as the kings of rough around the edges neo-hardcore, Hot Water Music delivers their second release on Epitaph Records into eager arms.

The band is one of the few that has delivered a consistent level of quality through every disc they have ever released. Their last album, A Flight and a Crash, emerged to a very positive response from critics even though fans thought it was their most inconsistent effort. Determination led the band to this position. Pushed by a grueling tour schedule and a quick recording schedule, the band has not let up since forming in 1994.

In true punk tradition, their latest release Caution is a model of unconformity. It exhibits varied sounds from angry circle-pit inducing semi-hardcore tracks to ever-so-slightly pop influenced anthems without missing anything in between. This genre contrast is perfectly meshed together with a very strong melancholy theme carried through the disc’s 12 tracks. The dark feel of the album is made visible by an aggressive sense of urgency and is an excellent accent to the band’s characteristic thick-emo sound. Caution now joins a long line of innovative and intricate releases in Hot Water Music’s discography, and is headed straight for the top spot. As the band moves closer and closer to the limelight, they’ve proven time and time again that they truly deserve to be there.

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