It ain’t gettin’ any easier

Oh, you’re back, huh? Think you’re pretty smart, eh?

Well, this is the hardest one yet, we’ve been told, so go to it, and see how well you do. Answers–if you need them, and you will–are now online!

Have fun.


1. life’s certainties:_____and taxes

6. politically correct way of saying before 2000 years ago

8. I bet Harry Potter didn’t have to pay tuition here

11. are you?

12. solidified snot

14. John Rocker

15. Christopher Reeve jokes lack ______

16. the section you’re reading right now

17. toilet paper

19. informal conversation

20. cured by drinking upside- down

22. et operators

23. what the u.s. wishes France didn’t have

24. the only ones trying to beat the u.s. to Mars

26. Islamic crusaders


2. lethargic donkey

3. a promise of violence

4. the extra time you’d need to finish your midterm

5. the other Hooters

7. it’s Istanbul not _______________

9. real-estate near Chernobyl

10. the Green Fairy

13. the office program with the key

18. Pokemon character

21. herbal tea variety

25. where Charlie lives

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