Major thefts on campus

By Adriana Hunstad

Campus Security’s crime report for October had at least one alarming figure. Thefts totalled over $70,000! However, the majority of this is from three stolen vehicles. The first incident occurred on Oct. 7 in Lot 12, followed by a second on Oct. 11 in Lot 11, and finally on Oct. 15 in Lot 1. The value of the vehicles stolen were $23,000, $20,000 and $16,000, respectively. Nevertheless, Campus Security Manager Lanny Fritz considers three stolen vehicles a significant number.

“We normally have six to eight vehicles stolen a year,” said Fritz.

Why the number is unusually high is unknown.

Besides stolen textbooks, calculators and other school-related items, two other major incidents occurred.

A contractor trailer near family housing had $5,000 worth of tools stolen from it. The trailer, equipped with a high security lock, was closed off with a door made out of particle board and the thief punched a hole through it to enter. The second major incident occurred in the Learning Commons in the Biological Sciences building, where a $8,000 digital projector was removed. Over the past few years, seven of these machines have been stolen from the university.

“The police tell us they believe it’s become a popular item for thieves simply because they are sold to people for home theatres,” said Fritz.

In incidents unrelated to pilfering, an unknown individual punched a Parking Services officer in the face at a metered parking lot. The attack was unprovoked and the motive remains unknown. Witnesses recorded the license plate of the offender’s vehicle before the man, accompanied by a woman, left the scene. The matter has been turned to Calgary Police, who have talked with his relatives since he could not be reached because he is a transient. It was revealed that he has a long criminal history with police, and investigation continues.

In Cascade Hall, a female student decided to make a quick exit from a gathering with friends, and jumped down from the second floor of the building. Her friends notified Campus Security, and the female was located. She was unharmed, merely intoxicated, and referred to counseling.

Also in residence, a couple of incidents occurred with suspicious males peeping into windows.

“The Peeping Toms’ motivation to do that is to get some sort of gratification out of watching someone dressing or bathing. They are normally sex offenders,” said Fritz.

Only one male was caught by Campus Security, after a foot chase. The male was discovered to be on parole and living in a half-way house close to campus. He was found to have a criminal history for property crime, so he does not fit the description of the Peeping Tom. Thus, it is believed that he was checking rooms out to potentially break in and steal property.

He was subsequently banned from campus.

Meanwhile, the Students’ Union discovered three counterfeit $20 bills.

“Police tell us there is a significant amount of counterfeit bills nowadays,” said Fritz.

Last year, several incidents of the kind occurred in the food court.

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