Do you remember high school, when the teacher made the class write poetry, and everyone laughed at what the jocks wrote? Kutless’ new album is exactly like that.

If you feel inclined to buy this album anyway or have made the mistake of already doing so, don’t worry. It makes for quasi-decent background noise (or a coaster in a pinch). The sound is like cheap, second-hand alt-rock, mixed with all that is common about bands like Default and the clone army that sounds just like them.

If by some slip up you pay too much attention to the music, you may notice that almost all the songs sound the same. That’s because they are. It should be mentioned that this is also from the label Tooth & Nail, and though it’s certainly not Christian-punk, it is most definitely Christian.

So if you’ve got a hard-on for pious bands, then go ahead and pick this one up. Just don’t expect too much from the music itself. Otherwise, treat this album like those crazy doomsday guys downtown and just keep walking.

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