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By Evan Turner

It is hard to guess what this band is about looking at the cover of Sea of Faces. Open the insert, or play the first track and it quickly becomes apparent: This is Christian rock. The question remains, though, what is Christian rock? To Kutless, it must simply be rock-pop with a lyrical quality specific… Continue reading Kutless


By Evan Turner

Steriogram is proof I simply have no idea about what kinds of music out there today. Schmack! is one of those new mixes of punk and rock where the vocalists rap to hard rock instrumentals. Although I hadn’t heard much of this before I was surprised to find myself enjoying it. I found the vocals… Continue reading Steriogram


By Evan Turner

Once you get over the fact that -M- is a guy in a bright pink suit, with a pink guitar and a haircut that can only be described as demonically cat-woman in nature, I figure you’ll have listened to about half the CD. By that time, you’ll be so confused trying to figure out if… Continue reading -M-

Phantom Planet

By Evan Turner

If this band’s purpose was to induce headache-like symptoms, they have succeeded. This self-titled album feels, for lack of a better word, unprofessional. The vocals are actually quite good, however the background music is extremely disturbing. At times (actually, most of the time) it totally drowns out the vocals and is generally annoying. High-pitched guitars… Continue reading Phantom Planet


By Evan Turner

Do you remember high school, when the teacher made the class write poetry, and everyone laughed at what the jocks wrote? Kutless’ new album is exactly like that. If you feel inclined to buy this album anyway or have made the mistake of already doing so, don’t worry. It makes for quasi-decent background noise (or… Continue reading Kutless

Book review: The War on Science

By Tamara Cottle

With the recent Senate scandal blowing up and revealing a sea of political corruption, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s integrity has come under attack. Calgary-based author Chris Turner intensifies this assault on the Conservatives and Harper in his latest book, The War on Science: Muzzled Scientists and Wilful Blindness in Stephen Harper’s Canada. Turner is no… Continue reading Book review: The War on Science

Editorial: Vote splitting dooms Calgary Centre

By Gauntlet Editorial Board

By 10:45 p.m. on Nov. 26, a palpable sense of profound disappointment was setting in at the Liberal headquarters of the Calgary Centre by-election. Calgary Centre, a riding that has been conservative for almost half a century, will be blue once again. Conservative candidate Joan Crockatt won the by-election with 36.9 per cent of the… Continue reading Editorial: Vote splitting dooms Calgary Centre

Classic cinema steals into the Plaza

By Jordyn Marcellus Entertainment Editor

There’s an exciting, but sadly rare, opportunity for Calgary audiences to see Bicycle Thieves on the big screen. The 1948 Italian neo-realist film is a critical and academic darling, with numerous film scholars and critics offering it up as one of the most important works of all time. It has even reached number 10 on the… Continue reading Classic cinema steals into the Plaza

A floppy sickness

By Tyler Wolfe

The consortium of television networks, which initially announced that it would bar the Green Party’s Elizabeth May from partaking in the televised debates prior to the October federal election only to “flip-flop” and cave to mounting public outcry, should be ashamed of itself. The move will undermine the familiarity of the current political landscape in… Continue reading A floppy sickness