The Reunion Show, Kill Your Television

By Adam Goetz

“It’s all been done before. Welcome to the revolution.” This ia a line from “New Rock Revolution” on The Reunion Show’s first album, Kill Your Television. The unique synth-rock sound is a welcome change to the trendy, generic, pop rock of today.

Each song on the disc combines wicked power chords, tonnes of keyboards and hook-filled lyrics that comment on a wide variety of topics. And with song titles like “On a scale from one to awesome (you’re pretty great),” you can tell that they are just having fun.

The songs are extremely infectious, but they should be consumed in small doses. A few of the better tracks are “The Art Of Nothing,” “Alligator Love Trap,” and “Drop It!”

Fans of Weezer, Hot Rod Circuit and Reggie And The Full Effect will probably dig this one straightaway. Check it out for something new.


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