Rocket From The Crypt, Live From Camp X-Ray

By Adam Goetz

“Violate me like the disgusting potato bug that I am” was the original title of this album, but unfortunately, it was abandoned after 9-11. Live From Camp X-Ray just doesn’t seem to have the same ring to it.

Rocket From The Crypt have been around for more than a decade now, and their punky sound hasn’t changed much over the years. The band peaked with their album Scream, Dracula, Scream! and ever since then it seems that they have been creatively stagnant. I like to hear a little development in a band, but this is just more of the same. The addition of some string elements in “I wanna know what I wanna know,” was a step in the right direction, but for the most part, it is just more raucous punk rock with some brass to back it up (although they are not a Ska band).

Their sound is old, tired and about to die.