Sigur Ros, ()

Everyone’s favourite Icelandic band is back with their third full-length album to date, and the result is something that is almost too beautiful to describe.

Sigur Ros’ () takes listeners into a world so soothing and calm that it made an entire record shop go quiet when I asked to hear it in the store. Oh, and they sold four more copies to the other customers who heard.

I’m not sure whether it’s the sound of JÃ3nsi Birgisson’s falsetto voice or the band’s perfectly orchestrated blend of minimalist drums, synth and delay guitar, but I’ve never heard an album that is so akin to pain killers. Compared to their previous hit album agaetis byrjun (as much of a hit as any art rock band can hope for), () takes the band’s music to new heights, using longer quiet parts to give their explosions of space-age moans and daunting drums all the more intensity.

And just when you think you’ve got it all—an amazing album packaged in Sigur Ros style–you decide to check out the group’s website ( Alongside the liner notes for (), fans have the ability to access bonus videos and live recordings, as well as submit their own interpretations for the lyrics (sung in a blend of Icelandic and the band’s own language). Truly an interactive experience, this might just be the new wave of musical experience; one that incorporates both the artists and the listeners in the work.

Truly, () is a spectacle that deserves more than just a review. It is a timeless piece that might go beyond giving music fans a spectacular disc and change the way music interacts with the listener.


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