Ferrets be saved

By Kyle Young

The exploits of the Ferret Rescue and Education Society have been well documented in past issues of the Gauntlet, (Alberta Ferret Society copes as evil volunteers try to wrest control, September 5, 2002), however, it seems as though this benevolent charity group may have gotten a bad wrap.

As it turns out, FRES is in fact a separate and autonomous organization, as well as a registered charity. Their mission, to enrich the lives of ferrets in the community through education, collaboration, communication, rehabilitation and rescue, is in fact legitimate and should be taken seriously regardless of any past “differences” FRES may or may not have had with the Alberta Ferret Society.

In fact, if you are at all interested in meeting the friendly folks at FRES, you are more than welcome at their Ferret Christmas Party on December 7 at 2:00 p.m. in the Immanuel Church at 1512-2 Street SW. Not only will there be plenty of opportunity to talk to this wonderful group (who did not try to take over the Alberta Ferret Society) but there will also be a photo opportunity for the ferrets with Santa himself!

Who knows, if you end up enjoying your first Ferret Christmas Party you may even want to attend another, and you’d be in luck!

As it turns out the Alberta Ferret Society is also holding a Christmas Party & Market Fair the very next day. For details, look them up at albertaferretsociety.com.

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