80s Tribute: Volume One

By Chris Blatch

What do you get when you combine punk, ska and ’80s pop? Apparently 80s Tribute: Volume One, a collection of ’80s pop-punk covers.

Some of the bands are able to pull it off, like Fanmail’s rendition of “Every Breath You Take,” while some come off sounding like the original in double-time, like Ghoti Hook’s version of “Walking on Sunshine,” which, believe it or not, is actually more annoying than the original.

Unfortunately, the good doesn’t outweigh the bad in this collection. So if you want punk, get a punk CD. If you want to relive all the wonder and glory of ’80s pop, go get the original. If in the off chance you desire ’80s songs redone in the punk/ska genre, go get this CD (and stop using so much hairspray in your bangs, it may be affecting your head).

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