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President: Chris Blatch–Unqualified

Blatch is an intriguing candidate for the presidency, but in this year’s race, all the candidates are “intriguing,” and “intriguing” is another word for “unprepared” or “inadequate.” Blatch is obviously intelligent, but his campaign is admittedly very hasty. He is a candidate of frustration–he is angry at the current SU for trivializing student concerns, so… Continue reading President: Chris Blatch–Unqualified

President: Christopher Blatch

Chris Blatch is an idealistic candidate. With campaign pledges to fight for GST-free textbooks, more affordable student housing and reduced prices in SU-run businesses, while simultaneously launching new and improved media campaigns against the provincial government, Blatch shows a determination to improve student life. Unfortunately, the devil may be in the details. Although each of… Continue reading President: Christopher Blatch

Public group urges change in PSE

By Chris Blatch

Alberta’s booming economy is lacking knowledge, according to an Albertan advocacy organization. Public Interest Alberta is hosting three public forums across Alberta to discuss post-secondary education. The public forums are part of PIA’s campaign It’s Time to Invest in Post-Secondary Education, which includes a 2006 survey of Alberta students and their parents. The findings of… Continue reading Public group urges change in PSE

The comfort zone

By Chris Blatch

What are the arguments for gay marriage? 1) That it is an arrangement between consenting adults; 2) It is an issue that is private, as it does not harm anyone else in society (the old Trudeau defense); and 3) What place is it for the government to stand between two people who love each other… Continue reading The comfort zone

The Canadian Crown: no mere relic

By Chris Blatch

With the recent passing of Alberta’s Lieutenant-Governor, Canada’s constitutional monarchy has reemerged into the media spotlight. But why, in this day and age, do Canadians need a monarchy? Most Monarchists faced with this question retreat to the old standby response of “tradition”, which is just as weak as many of the attacks on the Crown.… Continue reading The Canadian Crown: no mere relic

Good citizens don’t vote

By Chris Blatch

Every time we have an election of any sort (municipal, provincial, federal, etc.) we are bombarded with local news stories of the “average citizen” and their view of the election. Invariably at least one of the people will give the old cliche :”It’s our right as citizens to vote!” and usually the other cliche: “If… Continue reading Good citizens don’t vote