SU not to blame for NYE ads

By Greg Ellis

Editor, the Gauntlet,

Re: “Letters,” Jan. 16, 2003.

The Students’ Union was not responsible for New Years Eve flyers being placed at a 7-Eleven on Northmount Dr. This action was executed by agents of Prevalent Productions, the promoter that aided in the marketing of the NYE event at the Den. The SU did not instruct Prevalent Productions nor its agents to place advertisements at 7-Eleven. It was selected as a location for marketing due to its proximity to campus and the fact that its late night clientele is highly concentrated with university students.

Our organization categorically disagrees with the comparison of this action to “all ages events” in the past at the Den. Firstly, the NYE event was targeted primarily at students and invited guests by those students. This was indicated by significant advertising on campus for the NYE event and an advertisement in the Gauntlet prior to the event. Furthermore, the event was only open to those 18 and older.

Moreover, the event was not intended as a “cash grab” from non-students to raise funds for students. The event was a service for students and invited guests who wished to celebrate NYE at at their beloved bar. Moreover, no significant property damage or violent incidents occurred at the event as you alleged did occur with “all ages events” in the past.

More importantly, we resent the notion that our actions were irresponsible or were conducive to an environment of violence. Placing a small sum of advertisements at a Northmount 7-11 does not constitute inviting violent patrons whether or not they happen to be students. Violence is a human behavior and is not reserved exclusively nor even predominantly to students or non-students.

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